Pastor’s Page: 11/01/2019 ~ “Prepare for Landing”

Pastor’s Page: 11/01/2019 ~ “Prepare for Landing”

Philippians 4:1,  Therefore, my brothers and sisters,[a] whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord in this way, my beloved.”

Like most people who frequently travel by airplane, I am both excited and apprehensive when I hear the pilot say, “Flight Attendants prepare the cabin for landing.”  I’m excited because it means the flight is ending and I have reached my destination; I’m apprehensive because I don’t know what type of landing it will be!  Having traveled all over the world and taken more flights than I can count, I have learned that every landing is very different, depending on the pilot.  Some landings in my estimation have been “perfect” because they came in smooth and study, with very little bounce when the airplane touched down on the runway.  Other landings were rough as the airplane came in too fast, causing significant jerking and braking of this 175 thousand pound piece of equipment preparing to land!  

Life’s outcomes are very much like airplane flights, in that everything has a landing/end point, and the type of landing depends on two things; how well we have prepared and who is at the controls!

As I recently watched an internet clip on Olympic gymnastic icon, Simone Biles, who recently won four gold medals, and is known worldwide for her ability perform incredibly difficult floor and balance beam routines no one else has ever done and still manage to land firmly on her feet without wavering.  I also learned why landings are so critical and scored so highly by the judges, is because they demonstrate the athlete’s core strength and discipline, as well as prevents injuries! 

Throughout our life’s journey we will experience many destinations we didn’t get to choose and can’t control; such as illness or the death of beloved ones, and some destinations we will regret ever going to because they were not God ordained.  As Christians, the best thing we can do to prepare for life’s landings is to, strengthen our core by studying the Word of God, discipline ourselves to live according to His will, and make certain Jesus Christ is the Pilot of our lives!   In this way, whether you’re coming down from a traumatic past, serious sickness, or some other critical life challenge, regardless of the weight of your situation, every landing, every time, will be perfect because Christ is in control.  You will land strong in the Lord and the power of His might because your core is fortified with prayer and faith!  

Therefore family let me encourage you, regardless of how much turbulence you experience in life, no matter how difficult the journey or task, prepare to land [stand] firmly in the will of God because “He has kept us alive and has not allowed us to fall” thus far*Psalm 66:9GNT.   HALLELUJAH!!!

Blessings & Favor,

Pastor Holmes

#36 ~ 11.2019